The Digital Nomad Takes Advantage of Some Eminently Modern Opportunities

For some people, the modern economy is a place where uncertainty reigns. It is true that many employers no longer treat their workers with the loyalty and consideration that many formerly enjoyed. That alone leaves quite a few people feeling like being a worker in today’s environment must necessarily imply facing down doubt and insecurity. At the same time, others are discovering how the modern economy is a place where it is possible to enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom and self-determination.

The most pointed example of this fact is likely today’s digital nomad. Typically an expert at software programming, design, or another high-demand skill, the digital nomad wanders the world working on a contract basis for employers who might be located anywhere.

As can be seen at, this can be a rewarding lifestyle to pursue. Even while many traditional workers, for example, feel caught between stagnant wages and rising costs of living in their home countries, digital nomads often head to places where low prices remain the norm. A digital nomad might set up shop for a few months in an inexpensive town in Thailand or Vietnam while taking on jobs that pay wages an American or European might well be jealous of.

This is not to say that this lifestyle is without its drawbacks. While a nomadic life might be an excellent one for those with little to tie them down, professionals with families to take care of and other obligations are likely to find it less satisfying. Even among the youngest and freest of spirit, constantly traveling can become grating over time.

Because of these and other issues, many are looking into ways to combine the lifestyle of the digital nomad with the stability and comfortable arrangements that used to be the norm in the past. For some, that means buying a share of a communal home that can serve as a base between trips abroad, while others simply seek to visit family members more when they have the chance. One thing that is for certain is that this interesting and relatively novel lifestyle is not going away anytime soon.